Three (3) months before the Championship, the Organising Committee has the right to collect 25% of the total cost of stay per athlete and official from participating countries.

The procedures regarding the draw shall follow the FIRS technical regulations.

1. Nomination and costs
ITO’s shall be appointed jointly by FIRS and FISU. Their costs (travel, per diem and full board) will be covered by the FIRS.
Other costs are referenced in the FISU ‒ FIRS collaboration convention.

2. Number of technical officials needed
The number of officials needed shall respect FIRS rules.
The OC in cooperation with their National Roller Federation must provide the guarantee the sufficient number of Judges for the races and for all the competition days.
Based on the FIRS rules it is necessary to have eight (8) International Judges appointed from FIRS CIC Chairman 30 days before the competition (chapter 2 and 3 of the FIRS CIC regulations).

According to FISU regulations, only the competitors who satisfy the following conditions may take part in this championship:
a) be a citizen of the nation (region) he/she represents;
b) be born between January 1st, 1993 and December 31st, 2000.
c) be a student who is currently officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at a university or similar institute whose status is recognized by the appropriate national academic authority of his/her country (region);
d) be a former student of an institution mentioned in (c) who has obtained the academic degree or diploma in the year preceding the event.

Doping Control
Doping control will be conducted in compliance with the regulations laid down by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and under the WADA.